In the past few years, and maybe even more so in the past few months, change seems to have settled as a great constant in our lives. And in the financial sector, that is no exception.

More than that, it is one of those areas that has experienced rapid acceleration in what comes to technology adoption and new alternatives to the traditional models that have dominated money matters.

And so, financial technology (or Fintech) has been making a name for itself and gaining more and more credibility, despite some growing pains that encompass such growth.

A term that is more and more commonly used, it can also give a false sense of uniformity or cohesion, when in fact Fintech covers a wide variety of areas within finance. In all justice, it speaks more to a way in which matters are approached (tech-centered) than to a standardized sector.

So within Fintech you can find companies that focus on one or more of these areas, from lending to payments, insurance, wealth management - and of course banking services.

And where does Iban Wallet stand in all of this? In a word, investments.

But similarly, investments include a range of operations that cannot be accurately described under an umbrella term. And since the offer is so wide, sometimes it is possible for some brands and/or companies to get mixed up, especially when some names may be similar.

For instance, some focus on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin - a form of decentralized electronic currency based on a very promising technology which is the blockchain, that relies on records being kept by a wide variety of computer networks. Interesting, yes, but completely unrelated to what we do.

So how do we operate?

In essence, we act as an intermediary in the lending process. People that require capital borrow it from Loan Originators, pledging a collateral and paying interest over it.

In turn, to be able to expand their operations, these Loan Originators allow investors to purchase what are known as credit receivables, entitling them to part of the interest that the borrowers are paying.

This is where Iban Wallet comes in. With a robust and easy-to-use technology, we make the bridge between investors and loan originators.

Here lies what is unique about Iban Wallet. Not only is the selection of loans to invest in made on our side (allowing for a user-friendly experience), but the investments are not tied to the performance of any single loan, but an aggregated bundle of loans.

Now you can see why this is not considered a peer-to-peer investment - investors do not directly fund loans, but are able to participate in the interest these can generate after being issued by the loan originators.

There is room for all different kinds of model in the market, and for creative or similar brand names as well, it all comes down to the type of investor profile and service that a company chooses to provide.

As we strive to offer a product which is designed to be stable as possible and work hard to maintain ย that stability in mind, for us it is important that you know we do not deal with other asset classes that are typically more exposed to volatility and market fluctuations. Which is why our business does not entail any kind of stocks, commodities, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies of any kind. Please pay close attention to the service and the brand offer and make your decisions. If you're interested in hassle-free investments, you need to know we are here to serve you. For other alternative options, the Fintech industry has vast possibilities to explore.

In the end, it is all about understanding that while other players on the market may have these alternative offerings, you should keep in mind that they are in no way associated with Iban Wallet.