Let us introduce you to a new way of receiving extra income on your Iban account.

This week Iban is launching an amazing feature that allows you to invite friends, family and relatives to join the platform and get rewarded for it. Iban wants to allow you to invite more people to our community of savers.

A feature developed exclusively for our users

Do you already have an Iban account? If so, then it’s simple. By recommending Iban you can get up to €250. Here is how it works: for each person who joins Iban with your exclusive referral code or link and deposits €1,000 or more, you get a €25 bonus straight in your Iban account, and so do they!

Iban wants to encourage you to share with the ones you care about, an easy way to invest to achieve projected fixed returns, and access to liquidity where you can deposit and request to withdraw when you consider it appropriate.

You can now help others save with one of our accounts and be rewarded for it!

To get your code and read more detailed information, go to settings in your account or visit our help center

Our team has developed this new feature with 💙 for you. Share and enjoy it.