The best investment strategies don't need to be the ones with the most impressive historical returns. An ideal investment strategy is the one which is based upon your risk appetite, investment horizon, and individual income goals. After all, you want to implement an investment strategy that is the best fit for you – one that you can follow comfortably for a long time, especially if it involves a long term cash investment to build a large corpus.

Personal Investment Strategies

If you are saving up for retirement, then your long-term objective is to let your money grow and build a sufficient nest egg. You need not bother about the day-to-day ups and downs of your investment so long as the general trend is in the positive.

If your financial needs are more immediate, for example, building an emergency/reserve fund for unexpected expenses, then your approach changes accordingly. You want returns that are good and inflation-adjusted so you can achieve your goals faster.

·   Bank Deposit Accounts: The easiest thing to do with your money is to keep it in the bank. However, a major disadvantage here is that bank interest rates are as low as 0.06%. Plus, they do not keep pace with inflation.

·   Money Market Accounts & High Yield Accounts: Other options include Money Market accounts which pay a slightly higher interest rate than a savings account. Alternatively, investing in Rewards Checking Accounts, also known as high yield accounts which prove better in terms of beating inflation.

·   Certificate of Deposits (CDs): If you do not need liquid funds and can afford to keep some money locked in for short to medium terms, CDs can be a great option.

·   Treasury Notes: If your investment horizon is 2 to 10 years, treasury notes can help you earn interest between 1% and 1.5%, which is better than CDs.

·   Bond Funds: Bond funds offer higher returns in exchange for higher risks. You can diversify between debt and equities based on your risk appetite. In the past, government bond funds have earned interests between 0.65% and 1.83% for mid-term.

If you are a risk-averse investor looking to supplement your income with steady returns while diversifying your portfolio and maintaining the security of your funds, you can consider investing in Iban Wallet accounts.

How Does Iban Wallet Help Me Achieve My Financial Goals?

Iban Wallet is an online platform aimed at providing fixed returns to its investors by allowing them to invest in different investment products. The returns are based on asset-backed loan investments underwritten by Loan Originators. All you are required to do is open an Iban account, invest in the desired products, and start earning money in the form of interest.

Some features include:

·   You have control over your funds. You can invest in any investment product, reinvest or withdraw your funds to your bank account.

·      There is no withdrawal fee to be paid, and higher liquidity ensures you can request to withdraw funds any time you want.

·   You can start investing with an amount as low as 1€. This serves as an encouragement for all types of investors who are looking to grow their money with minimal investment.

·   Iban Wallet manages all your investments and pays interest daily on all accounts.

·   Since there are projected fixed returns, you can plan your finances and calculate how much to invest to save a certain amount by the end of a specific period.

If peer-to-peer lending is a good investment strategy as per your risk tolerance and saving goals, you may want to consider including it to your investment financial portfolio.