Are you done with your shopping by now? While we hope that you can now relax and enjoy the holidays, there may be someone you are forgetting about on your list.

We are talking about yourself.

And if you think that getting yourself something counts as a gift, don’t worry. You are getting something for your future self - an entirely different person, even if you do share some traits.

Of course, you know we are here to talk about investments and how investing can be simple. Even if you know why investing is important, you could be skeptical as to how it can count as a gift. Let’s take a look at what you can get by investing:

A Safety Net

This is not to be confused with an emergency fund, which is highly advisable to have in place before you start investing.

By safety net we refer to having multiple sources of wealth from which to build upon. It is the old investing saying concerning diversification that we like to remind ourselves of: don’t put your eggs all in the same basket.

The world is subjected to constant change, and so are our lives. In October 2020, the unemployment rate in the EU registered 8.4% - a figure that was set at 6.6% the year before. This represents 16.236 million people throughout the union alone.

Add that to the increasing instability that factors such as the gig economy have accelerated, and it becomes clear that relying on a single point of economic success (i.e., your job) has become riskier.

Peace Of Mind

While related to the above-mentioned, it is not exclusive of it. Yes, having a safety net adds to your day-to-day peace of mind. But what about your future?

It is common for a lot of people to be in contact with entities that manage public retirement schemes - notably at the end of the month when contributions are made.

The expectation being that these contributions will amount to a future retirement, these face several challenges in terms of sustainability. Particularly when it comes to demographics.

The increase of life expectancy and slower generation renewal seem to be in contrast to the rationale behind these retirement schemes - that the current workforce sustains current retirement costs.

Because of that, it is increasingly important to find alternatives to complement your retirement plans. Although there can be risk associated with investing, the risk of doing nothing is always looming. So don’t let fear stand in your way and conquer it.


Or dreams, if you prefer it.

Investing is more than just money. Most financial matters are, actually.

Investing is about securing means to achieve goals. It’s not about how much you accumulate to keep score, but about what it enables you to do in life.

Imagine that you would like to do something big 30 years into the future. And that you are able to put away €200 on a monthly basis.

By simply storing that you could get €72,000.

Investing the same amount with an Iban Account, however, at a projected 2.5% rate could get you as much as €106,568.43. And you could go even further with other products.

Which one is more empowering?

How Much Is In A Gift?

Can you see how much is packed in this? What gaining further control on your finances could add to your life and future?

Sure, this is a time to think about other people, but neglecting yourself doesn’t do anyone any favours.

So keep yourself in mind too. You deserve it, after all.

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