Hello again, happy savers!

We hope that you are well on your way towards your goals.

At Iban, we are all about savings and understand just how important clear cut goals are to inspire your action. After all, savings are only a means to achieve something and there is very little to be achieved with just growing your balance at the end of each month.

Sure, you are working hard for those numbers, but how will those numbers work for you? What do they mean?

And so, to inspire your savings (and to get to know us a bit better) we thought we’d share with what these numbers represent for some of us.

Christian M. - Product Manager

Hi Christian, thank you for meeting with us.

Hi, no problem!

Could you please let our readers know a bit about yourself?

Let’s see... For one I love to learn, even if it’s about the most random topics. I enjoy going to the bottom of things and looking for their rationale, which is probably why I’m also interested in philosophy. Oh, and I’m very goal-oriented.

I suppose we came to the right person then! We’ll be getting to that in a moment. Can you tell us what it means for you to be at Iban?

To be part of something great. It gives me an amazing chance to work on a great product that I can pride myself on. And being in the middle of the fintech revolution, that is a great driver.

It really can be. Circling back to goals, what are you currently saving for?

Right now, for trips. If you want to change the world you have to see it, you know? Getting to know different people, their language, their life - it can have an impact and help you grow.

Joana C. - Marketing and Product Designer

Hi Joana, hope we are not interrupting anything.

Hey hey! No, just finished this layout for the Product team - what do you think?

Oh, super cool! Shall we begin?

So my name is Joana and I’m a designer here at Iban. I’m also a mom, which is a big part of my life, and every day I fight the good fight against an immune illness with healthy and active choices in my life.

Respect. How has it been working with us so far?

A bit of a roller coaster! I’m involved in a lot of fronts, from product to marketing. It's been amazing getting to know everything inside out to define a strategy for the brand. The growth we are experiencing makes this a very exciting time to be here, it’s all about finding solutions and delivering an awesome product to our users.

Those are some ambitious professional goals. How about savings?

I have three main goals, so I also split my savings into three different slots.


First of all, I want my son to have as much of a head start in his adult life as possible, so I’m putting some aside every month for him. Secondly, an emergency fund is crucial for me, you just never know what may happen. I try to cover my basis so that I have enough to get by if I were to not be working for a year. Lastly, I have a guilt-free fund. It’s for those extra treats for our family that can look trivial, but are a tonne of fun to give! It’s this part of my savings that funded my son’s bicycle, and he just loves it!

Letícia F. - Office Manager

Hey Letícia - mind if we call you Leti?

Sure, go ahead!

Awesome! So Leti, how would you describe yourself?

I would have to say adventurous. If things stay the same for too long I usually start planning the next big thing. On that note, persistent and organized too - I tend to keep focused on what I’m trying to get and stick to a plan in doing so.

Very good, very good. And working at Iban, is that an adventure?

You could say that again! There is hardly anything you could call routine. It’s a never-ending learning process with lots of challenges ahead. But at the end of the day, seeing how we are growing and knowing I play a part in it? Very gratifying.

Glad to hear that! Since you stick to plans, what are your plans for your savings?

At the moment the plan isn’t very concrete. On one hand, I’m setting aside to increase my emergency fund. It sounds boring, but you never know when you need it. On the other hand, I like to keep my options open. An unknown adventure can be just as exciting!

Bernardo M. - Front End Developer

Hi Bernardo, how are you?

Doing great, thanks!

Ok, we’ll just start and hope something… develops…

… don't do that.  

Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Apart from your impeccable sense of humor, what do you bring to the table?

I’m very persistent, which you have to be in my line of work. Being defeated by some faulty code isn’t an option. Other than that, I’m always looking for new stuff to learn and try to be useful and help others as much as I can.

It seems about the right mix to be here with us.

One of them, at least. If you are going to build something completely new from scratch you can hit quite a few roadblocks and you have to find ways to keep motivated and think outside the box. And when you work with a small, tight-knit team, playing it forward with your time and dedication pays off. It is all very rewarding, especially when you see an immediate impact on our customers’ lives.

Speaking of customers, and since this is all about savings - what are your saving goals?

I think a lot of people can relate, but I feel that I always need a safety net. When you consider what the situation was some years ago, you realize that things can go south really fast. On the other hand, my day-to-day life can be somewhat boxed in by screens, so I make it a point to travel when I can. Sometimes you just need to get out of your own head.

You - Iban blog reader

Well, this one is a bit of a cheat. We can’t know what you are saving for, can we?

You’ve got some nice ideas here, be it for trips, for a rainy day or to take care of your family. And hey, maybe there’s that one big purchase you want to make, and that is fine too.

The big question to you is: what are you looking for?